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Step-by-step guide: Homologation of a Protection Mandate before a Notary

Updated: May 28

In this blog I’ll be breaking down, in detail, the process at Services Parajuridiques Peggy Mavroudis of preparing and executing a “Homologation of a Protection Mandate before a Notary” file for a client.

Once the notary has received both the medical and psychosocial assessments, Services Parajuridiques Peggy Mavroudis gets mandated and we are ready to begin.

First thing's first

First, we will order the mandate search certificates from the Chambre des notaires du Québec and the Barreau du Québec which will confirm the last Protection Mandate signed by our person concerned.

Second, the drafting begins. Services Parajuridiques Peggy Mavroudis will draft the complete procedure from A to Z, namely:

  1. Application to the Notary

  2. Notice of the Application

  3. Minutes of Examination

  4. Minutes of Operations and Conclusions

  5. Notice of Deposit of Minutes of Operations and Conclusions

  6. List of exhibits and backings

These are drafts, meaning the notary will review and complete the following information as the proceedings and delays move along, for example: dates of deposit at court, dates of service by bailiff to person concerned and dates of notification to interested parties, etc.

The notary is now ready to book their appointment with the Applicant and officially begin the proceedings.

Start of proceedings

Should the notary require, we offer the following additional services in executing these types of files, specifically:

  • Deposit the “Application to the Notary” and “Notice of the Application” at court through Lexius to obtain the court number;

  • Assigning a bailiff to serve the person concerned;

  • Notifying the interested persons via Todoc;

Furthermore, we can communicate directly with the Applicant to obtain any missing information so as to alleviate the notary from such tasks.

Our mission at Services Parajuridiques Peggy Mavroudis is to provide an excellent service and be an ally to our client, the notary.

For more information, please:

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