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Executor & Paralegal Services

Montreal-based paralegal specializing in estates, drafting for Notaries and business development networking.

Peggy Mavroudis Paralegal

Meet Peggy

With over 20 years of professional experience in the notarial field, Peggy Mavroudis is a trusted, service-driven paralegal with extensive experience and expertise.

Backed by a vast network of Notaries and professionals in Wealth Management, Trust & Financial Services, Peggy provides meaningful business development connections as an integral part of her offering to all her clients.

What can we assist you with?

We are partners in your success.

Our services for Notaries

Our drafting services are offered on a remote contractual basis, both for one-off mandates and for long-term collaborations.

  • Wills & Mandates

  • All non-contentious procedures

  • Estate Settlements

  • And more

"Peggy is an invaluable member of our legal team at Tamar Levy, notaire. Being able to trust the quality of someone’s work the way one can trust Peggy’s is rare, indeed. She consistently demonstrates exceptional attention to detail, respect for deadlines, thorough dedication and absolute excellence.

Peggy has a very deep understanding of her field and is able to detect difficulties in a file right at the outset, which allows us to better serve our clients. Peggy is also adept at drafting legal documents, such as wills, mandates and non-contentious proceedings with precision and accuracy.

Furthermore, Peggy consistently demonstrates professionalism, confidentiality, and a strong sense of ethics in all aspects of her work. She approaches each task with dedication and a genuine passion for the legal field. Peggy's commitment to excellence is evident in every project she undertakes, and she takes great pride in contributing to the success of the team."

Tamar Levy, Notary

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